El Atelier Fuckin’CraftLab nace de la unión de dos perfiles creativos distintos y complementarios, pero con inquietudes y necesidades parecidas: La búsqueda de un espacio de trabajo multidisciplinar que nos permita complementar las tareas digitales y de comunicación con los trabajos más manuales y artesanales. Back to the Old School creativity!

Fuckin’CraftLab Atelier borns from the union of two different and complementary creative profiles, but with similar interests and needs: The search for a multidisciplinary workspace that allows us to complement the digital tasks and communication with the manual and craft work. Back to the Old School creativity!

Qué ofrecemos · What we offer
Graphic & Web design · Illustration · Sign painting · Type & Lettering
Creative & art direction · Advertising (Above & below the line) · Strategies & Campaigns · Branding

Quiénes somos · Who we are

about-hugoGraphic Storyteller & Illustrator. I like to work in LowBrow illustrations, kustom & hot rod apparel, old school typography treatments, tattoo designs, sign paint…

facebook: Brusco.Artworks
telf: (+34) 629842985


about-sil Known for being a typelover and a craftsmaker. I do love typography because
“It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it”.

twitter: @sil_bubble
instagram: @sil_bubble
website: www.silbubble.com
mail:  hello@silbubble.com
telf: (+34) 675324579

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